Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Flexsil-Lid lose shape or its elasticity?

The Flexsil-Lid has been tested in commercial kitchens for over 12 months and the shape and elasticity has not been affected.

Does the Flexsil-Lid stain?

Some foodstuffs with strong colors may cause slight discoloration like carrot, tomato and beetroot. Also, when used in an oven, it may change to a shade of beige, but it does not lose any of its benefits. A suggestion would be to use the same lid for tomatoes, beetroot carrot and cooking.

How many times can the Flexsil-Lid be re-used?

When the 'Care Instructions' are followed, Flexsil-Lid can be used many times over with no degradation to its effectiveness.

Are the larger lids as air tight as the smaller lids when used on steam pans? And are they stackable?

The larger lids are not as air tight as the smaller lids due to their 'mass', but yet they stay affixed no matter what. The smaller containers are more affective when stacked than the larger ones.

Is it food safe?

Yes. All the ingredients in making the silicon are FDA approved while Flexsil-Lid has passed food standards for USA with SGS testing.

Do date stickers stick to it?

Yes they do. Also, you can now eliminate the stickers because you can write and erase on the lids with a whiteboard marker.

What temperatures can Flexsil-Lid withstand?

It can be frozen to -40°C/-40°F and can be used in traditional ovens to 220°C/428°F for cooking, but you must keep it away from the heat source by at least 15cm (6 inches).

Is it true you can freeze produce with the lid on it then transfer it to the oven with the lid still affixed?


Is this only made for commercial Gastronorms and Steam pans

Yes, but a domestic version of Flexsil-Lid is being developed to bring the same commercial features and benefits to the household.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes it is, just 'flick' the edges out before placing in dishwasher for a cleaner result.

Why use the Flexsil-Lid?

Cling wrap and foil are detrimental to our environment causing ill effects on our carbon footprint. Also the amount of money wasted on these above items/products, being of single use then disposed of, is also a negative. Flexsil-Lid can be re-used many times while offering a better seal for freshness and a better alternative when cooking than the above mentioned products.

What is the warranty for Flexsil-Lid?

Flexsil-Lid has a 12 month warranty on manufacturing defects if used in accordance to 'Care Instructions'. Mistreatment will void warranty. If warranty issue occurs, please send unit to Flexsil-Lid H/O for evaluation.

What sizes do they come in?

Flexsil-Lid comes in the following sizes; 1/9, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 & 1/1 to fit the relevant Gastronorms or Steam pans including Volrath, Carlisle, Cambro made from Stainless Steel, Plastic, Melamine, & Polycarbon.

Flexsil-Lid Sizes

How do you put them on?

Flexsil-Lid has a unique patented 'Lip-lock' design that locks around the edge of Gastronorms and Steam pans to lock in freshness. Just stretch and place the 'Lip-lock' around the edge of the pan for a secure seal.

Can Flexsil-Lids be used in Combiovens if on Steam Pan?

No, as the lid does not allow the Steam Pan to slide on the metal rail that is commonly used in Combiovens.